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  • Disc Cultivator U741/1 – 4,0m

    The new disk-type cultivator-sower unit is dedicated to pre-sowing cultivation of soil during post-ploughing and post-stubble cultivation. The new model is designated U741/1 and its major characteristics include a service width of as much as 4 m. The machine is suitable for coupling with a drill sower.
    Due to the extended service width, as compared with U741, the machine offers improved performance. Unit efficiency in this case is in the range 4 to 6.5 ha per hour. For comparison: the smaller variant of this model offers the performance in the range 3 – 5 ha per hour.
    The unit is furnished with the set of 32 disks. Diameter of 30 disks is 510 mm. Two extreme (outer) disks are smaller, their diameter is 460 mm. Disks are mounted in two rows. The machine’s working depth is adjusted with a hydraulically-operated packer roller. The maximum working depth is 15 cm, which means 5 cm deeper penetration of soil. The machine is noticeably larger and heavier as compared with the smaller variant U741. Due to its larger dimensions the machine is to be operated with a tractor with a power output of 110 – 150 KM.

    • EFFICIENT: larger service width offers twice the performance of the 3 m model
    • PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS: the unit has 30 disks in two rows. In addition, the machine is fitted with further two extremely mounted disks, with smaller diameter.
    • EVERYTHING KEPT IN CHECK: The specially designed side screens keep the soil from falling outside the working swath.
    • SAFE: Every toothed disc is protected by rubber shock absorbers that closely follow the terrain line. The absorbers also protect from overloading stresses and make your work safe
    • UPGRADE IT: The machine can optionally feature a seeder hydraulic power pack
    • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Equipped with maintenance-free hubs by SKF


  • Technical data U741/1
    Working width [m] 4,0
    Number of disc [items] 32 (30 + 2 edge discs)
    Diameter of main/edge discs [mm] 510/460
    Working speed [km/h] 9-15
    Power demand [HP] 110-150
    Transport position [w/ raised hydro-pack] Width/Height/Length [mm] 4080/1410/1860
    Working position Width / Height/Length [mm] 4530/1390/1860