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  • Disc Cultivator U710/1 – 4,5m

    The cultivator 560 mm discs, arranged in two rows, are protected by rubber shock absorbers, and the machine is complemented by a row of spring-action scrapers. This cultivator is available either as a semi-suspended or a fully suspended machine that can be optionally equipped with a special seeder platform assembly. The work performance is controlled with a hydraulic power packer roller. The cultivator working width is 4.5 m.

    • SIMPLE OPERATION: The machine features a line holder that facilitates and streamlines your field work – just choose the coupling method: the machine can be semi-suspended or fully suspended on the hitch
    • COMPACT SIZE: The cultivator frame folds using hydraulic actuators
    • SMOOTH WORK ADJUSTMENT: Hydraulic working depth adjustment system
    • SAFE: Every toothed disc is protected by rubber shock absorbers that closely follow the terrain line. The absorbers also protect from overloading stresses and make your work safe
    • EASY TRANSPORT: The cultivator features a heavy tow bar truck, complete with a pneumatic two-line or hydraulic brake system
    • ADJUSTABLE SCRAPERS: The scraper with spring-action tines levels out the soil for shredding and compaction by the roller. The scraper working depth and angle are adjustable.
    • STABLE: The machine is based on a stable main frame, complete with a TPH
    • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Features SKF hubs for many years of reliable operation


  • Item Type U710/1
    1 Working width [m] 4.5
    2 No. of discs [pcs] 36 (34 + 2 edge discs)
    3 Main/edge disc diameter [mm] Ø560 / Ø510
    4 No. of disc rows [pcs.] 2
    5 Depth adjustment range [cm] 18
    6 Space between discs [mm] 250
    7 Working speed [km/h] 9-15
    8 Power demand [HP] 150-200
    9 Suspension category II or III
    10 Hitch [mm] Ø28/Ø36
    11 Roller type and diameter [mm] – tubular Ø600, – Packer Ø500, – U-BOX Ø500, – spring roller, – tyre roller, – rubber ring roller, – V-ring roller, – DD type heavy cultivation roller
    Overall dimensions
    12 Transport position mounted version length / width / height [mm] 2650 / 3100 / 2800
    13 Transport position semi-mounted version length / width / height [mm] 2650 / 3070 / 6150
    14 Working position mounted version length / width / height [mm] 5000 / 1550 / 2800
    15 Working position semi-mounted version  length / width / height [mm] 5000 / 1700 / 6100
    16 With tubular roller – mounted version [kg] 3300
    17 With tubular roller – semi-mounted version [kg] 4650
    Optional equipment
    18 Side screens
    19 Sower platform for mounted version
    20 Sower platform for semi-mounted version
    21 Transport lights for mounted version
    22 Cultivator carriage without brake
    23 Cultivator carriage with pneumatic brake
    24 Cultivator carriage with hydraulic brake
    25 Carriage warning lights
    26 Overload-locking valve of frame folding cylinders

    V standard
    • optional